A Letter from the Chairman - September 27, 2015

If you are visiting our website, it is probably one of two reasons; you or your loved one was recently diagnosed with OMS, or, you want to donate to our cause.

If it is because of a recent diagnosis of Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome (OMS), be assured that you are not alone. While OMS is an extremely rare illness, we have worked diligently to build a caregiver network that now extends to over 600 caregivers in 47 countries. We have been in your shoes and know the feeling of trying to find answers for an unknown disease. We can provide you with resource information, assist you in finding an OMS specialist, and connect you with many other OMS caregivers. We provide caregiver conferences so you can connect with others. Finally, we are hear to be your advocate - Let us know how we can help.

If you have visited our website to contribute to our foundation, thank you! Be assured that we take great care to ensure each donation goes for the intended purpose. Our focus is OMS research, raising awareness of the disease, and building a caregiver network. Our basic expenses such as web site costs and maintenance, postage, printing, and other administrative costs are underwritten by some anonymous sources. This means that each dollar donated goes to OMS initiatives, not administration! If you would like to give a donation, please go to https://www.youcaring.com/nonprofits/2015-omslife-fundraising/286477/don....

Thank you for visiting our site!