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Donations – OMSLife Foundation

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How To Help

Donate Money

We use every penny for awareness and research. If you have any questions and want to talk about donations please email [email protected]

Do a Fundraiser

There are a number of ways that you can do a fundraiser to help OMSLife.  You could do a teddy bear drive and collect toys for kids in your local hospital while also collecting funds for OMSLife.   Maybe you would like to host a Walk-a-Thon or sell T-Shirts.  Maybe you invite friends to a wine tasting party.  Or, maybe you just post on Facebook that you are doing a fundraiser to celebrate a milestone event.  Whether it is a large fundraiser or small, we truly appreciate your help!


Pray for the kids! Pray for the parents! Pray for the doctors trying to find a cure.


When you shop at Amazon, you can also help the OMSLife Foundation! The Amazon Smile program will give .5% of sales to our foundation. Sign up today. Click on the Amazon Logo to get started!

Amazon Smile

Donate Appreciated Stock

Did you know that OMSLife can now accept your appreciated stock or mutual funds?  This is a great way to give a gift without taking the tax hit by selling that stock.   Contact us and we can help you donate that stock or mutual fund.

Donate Your Time

This is a precious commodity, we know, but if you have web skills, can write emails or make phone calls we have a job for you! Contact [email protected]